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The Light Of Now


moments of light


Light is transformed through infinite crystal reflections in a palatial presentation of 500 exceptional historic Baccarat pieces on display as part of “The Legend of Crystal” exhibition in the Petit Palais in Paris running until January 4th.

Emperors and empresses, kings and queens, maharajas, tsars and heads of state have been captivated by the prisms of Baccarat, earning it the designation “the crystal of kings”. Some of Baccarat’s most exceptional pieces, from tableware to monumental pieces, were created by royal order.

A 3.85 meter-high candelabra captivated Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Fiodorovna during a visit to Paris in 1896. It comprised 3320 pieces of crystal. Illuminated with candles, the Tsar ordered electrified models for his palaces in Saint Petersburg, making it Baccarat’s first electric-powered light fitting.

Other masterpieces, such as ‘The Temple of Mercury’ crystal temple, stands 4.7 meters high. It was bought by King Carlos I of Portugal in 1892 for the gardens of the royal palace in Lisbon and today stands majestically in the middle of a lake on a private property in Spain.

Baccarat 4
Baccarat 5

As a stunning finale to the exhibition, celebrating Baccarat’s 250th anniversary, the Galerie d’Honneur is transformed into an all-black room. A series of dazzling chandeliers hang overhead, with the most monumental containing 250 lights. Each slowly shifts in intensity of illumination, from one to the other, in a dream-like play of crystal and light.

Visit Baccarat: The Legend of Crystal

View ELIE SAAB Palais Des Lumières Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2014-15 Fashion Show.

Baccarat: The Legend of Crystal
Through January 4, 2015
Petit Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris, France

The Light Of Now

EVENING ARDOUR With the Eau de Parfum Intense

moments of light

With the Eau de Parfum Intense


The evenings lighted by the glow of the coals,
The evenings on the balcony, veiled with rose mist…
How splendid the sunsets are on warm evenings!
How deep space is! How potent is the heart!

Charles Baudelaire, The Balcony from The Flowers of Evil
Just before sunset, a clear sky assumes incandescent warmth, a coppery sensual light that is unlike any other. The words of French poet Charles Baudelaire capture this experience standing before an early evening sky, in its sensorial blend of visual beauty, voluptuous scents and vivid sentiments. Eau de Parfum Intense translates this instant of mellow daylight into an oriental floral bouquet. Building
from a patchouli and ambery accord at the base to a lush, nearly narcotic, heart note of ylang-ylang and honey rose, the perfume’s head notes rush with infinitely feminine orange blossom. Flashing at once the hue of translucent copper, and then the sheen of a red fire opal, the crystalline liquid of ELIE SAAB Eau de Parfum Intense expresses the seductive elixir inside, an olfactory portrait of light.

Other moments of light

The Light Of Now

Emmanuel Perrotin A private tour of his FIAC booth

Accès Privé

Emmanuel Perrotin
A private tour of his FIAC booth

He is the influential contemporary art dealer credited with discovering Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami, as well as pioneering music/fashion/art collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams. On the eve of the FIAC art fair in Paris, Emmanuel Perrotin gives us a personal tour of his booth and talks to The Light of Now about the art of collecting.

"Grodek", 2014 - Bernard Frize © Adagp, Paris 2014

"Tes blancs et noirs", 1990 - Jesús Rafael SOTO © Jesús Rafael Soto/ADAGP, Paris, 2014

"O. T.", 2014 - Thilo Heinzmann

"Détaillé", 2008 - Bernard Frize © Adagp, Paris 2014

"La nuit Américaine (Truffaut)", 2014 - Gregor Hildebrandt

Emmanuel Perrotin is a busy man. As the hyper-successful dealer behind Paris's Galerie Perrotin - one of the city's most important private contemporary art galleries - he is just back from London, where his booth at Frieze art fair dedicated to the artist KAWS was a sell out. Next month will see him head to New York for November's major auctions, where he will be bid for clients and where he also has a gallery. But before that there is FIAC (Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain) in his hometown of Paris.

Famously dynamic, for FIAC Perrotin is shifting his focus from The Next Big Thing to a stable of more established artists: a twisting sculpture that ends with a light bulb by Tatiana Trouvé, vibrant paintings by Bernard Frize, and a work by Venezuelan kinetic and optical artist SOTO are amongst the pieces he will present. In the middle of his nomadic schedule, Perrotin talked to us about FIAC and the artists he is most excited about right now.

What advice would you give to a new collector visiting FIAC for the first time?
Take time to discover all the artists presented but at the same time do not to hesitate if you fall in love with an artwork.

What is the FIAC VIP preview day like for you?
I spend the opening day on the booth of the gallery and I have some meetings at the fair. This day is very intense and allows us to talk to our collectors from Paris and all over the world and to meet new people.

You save some of your most prized works for FIAC - what will you be revealing this week?
This year, during Art Basel, we announced our representation of SOTO (1923-2005), and at FIAC we will have some outstanding artworks by him on the booth. From January 2015, two major exhibitions dedicated to SOTO will be held concurrently at Galerie Perrotin in Paris and in New York.

Galerie Perrotin at FIAC (Booth #0.B42)
October 23-26

Galerie Perrotin
76 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris
+33 1 42 16 79 79

All images courstesy Galerie Perrotin and the artists


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The Light Of Now

Dressed in Radiance

moments of light

Dressed in Radiance

ELIE SAAB Le Parfum, four interpretations of light bound by a common theme of seductive orange blossoms. The Light of Now asks women about their fragrance, the invisible and palpable evocation of radiant feminity.

Radiant. Addicted. How do you feel wearing #ELIESAABLeParfum?

It makes me feel feminine, fresh, confident

Gilda B

For me, Le Parfum was love at first sight! Cannot make my day beautiful without it. Since then, I never wear another perfume.

Subtirelu R

Very feminine! I love it!

Silviq K

My faaaav! Always get compliments on it :)

Emily C

Magnificient !

Gabriella S

I wore #ELIESAABLeParfum on my wedding day and every day since and it evokes the most beautiful, elegant and strong woman inside me.

Joanne Asia V

#ELIESAABLeParfum is so sweet, light, and sensual, #ELIESAABLeParfum is the fragrance for any time day or night

Christina S

#ELIESAABLeParfum is my liquid love. This fragrance has radiance, luminescence, so alluring. Smells like a sweet hug from heaven.

Lamees A

The Notes of ELIE SAAB Le Parfum are synonymous with the elegant and charismatic luminosity. They highlights poise and perfection in a woman's personality. It is my favorite fragrance.

Chandrika S

I love it. Won't wear anything else

Nabeela D

#ELIESAABLeParfum I feel so elegant and so fresh, very confident but also comfortable

Mariel D

It was my Wedding fragrance. Now whenever I wear it my husband notices, every time without fail. He loves it and I love that

Tammy C

Reminds me of my wedding day

Ute M

I keep getting "excuse me, what is the perfume you're wearing? " every single time

Farah Al Tamimi J

it feels so smooth and beautiful and soft, I have a bottle, I love mine!!

Christina S

I bought all the perfume collection, I feel sooo elegant and confident <3

Gya M

I feel strong, sophisticated and also so feminine

Florentina N

Marvelous scent! My favorite.

Olga A

A blend of orange, patchouli, cedar and rose water that evokes both the East and the West.

Quitterie Pasquesoone.
Translated by Rachel Huber.

The Light Of Now

The coveteurX Elie Saab

Accès Privé

The coveteur
X Elie Saab

The Light of Now offers a flash, backstage view of The Coveteur at work, capturing Italian style maven Chiara Ferragni inside the private home of Elie Saab in Paris.

She's so amazing, so much fun to work with. It's like the clothes were made for her...

Jake Rosenberg, The Coveteur

Amidst the buzz of Paris Fashion Week, Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad meets the flashes of Creative Director, Photographer and The Coveteur Co-Founder Jake Rosenberg in a private photo shoot. Stephanie Mark, the other half of the founding duo, is present behind-the-scenes as the photographer and model change looks, locations, angles and moods in the creative exchange.

The Coveteur has made an impressive digital imprint since launching in 2011, by going into the unseen areas, from personal closets to private homes, of style influencers. Marble fireplaces, chandeliers suspended from high ceilings and a balcony which looks upon the Eiffel Tower - Mr. Saab's classical Haussmannian apartment is backdrop to the shoot, as Chiara poses with signature style in looks from the Autumn Winter 2014-2015 ready-to-wear collection.

See the full shoot here and Chiara's blog here

The Light Of Now

Autumn essentials

new & now

Autumn essentials

A curated selection of this season's essential pieces paints a color palette in burgundy, deep green and gold - accented with black leather and a purity of form. Finish the look with layers of rose, ESSENCE N°1: ROSE, adding a blush of sensuality. With ESSENCE N°3 : AMBRE, warm notes illuminate the light of gold amid autumn's earth tones.

O1 Bejeweled earrings in wine and deep green
O2 La Collection des Essences, ESSENCE N°1: ROSE
O3 Leather and suede ankle boot in wine
O4 Small Poincaré shoulder bag in wine
O5 Bejeweled gold plated long pendant in wine, deep green and black

O6 Python pump in deep green
O7 La Collection des Essences, ESSENCE N°3: AMBRE
O8 Bejeweled python gold plated cuff in deep green
O9 Purity gold plated chocker in gold
1O Medium tricolor Poincaré clutch in wine, deep green and black

Available to purchase at ELIE SAAB boutique


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The Light Of Now

Underwater Iridescent

Accès Privé

Underwater Iridescent

Before the flowing fabrics and fresh aquatic colors came down the ELIE SAAB Spring Summer 2015 runway, backstage preparations crafted the airy easiness that signs the season. Wavy lengths conceived by hair stylist Orlando Pita set the tone, while make-up artist Tom Pecheux gave models a gaze splashed with vivid aqua and violet definition for a total look that dove deep into the blue.

The Light Of Now

Into the deep

new & now

Into the deep

Inspired by the intense colour, glistening surfaces and hidden beauty of the underwater world, the Spring/Summer 2015 collection is a glorification of the ocean, a submersion into the magnificence of the underwater kingdom.

Brilliant, tropical, drenched in colour - the palette is Lagoon green, sea-mist, coral flecked with vibrant yellow and a deep, pure shade of blue inspired by the Amalfi sea. Along with timeless black and white, these are the keynote shades, worked through a myriad of fabrics and finishes. ELIE SAAB abstracts its signature lace, as if worn away by the salt of ocean spray. It is combined with foliate lace, in gowns that cascade around the body.

Prints bubble across dresses in ombre effects, inspired by the changing colours of darting marine life. The collection's key graphic, a glistening submarine print of sun-dappled water, is used for day and evening alike. Shades of dégradé give the effect of fabric submerged in water.

Decoration ebbs and flows around the body, tone on tone, creating a chiaroscuro of embroidery against skin and fabric. Fluid rivulets of ruffles delineate the body, like the surfaces of shells or swaying currents. Waves of lace and slipstreams of georgette tumble from a defined body, rippling in echoes like the sea's surface.

Accessories accent the life aquatic, iridescent skins in the collection's key colours mimicking those of exotic fish as used for the slender ELIE SAAB Poincaré bags as well as sandals, both heeled and flat. Dive into the deep, where colour comes alive, in a search for sunken treasure.

The Spring-Summer Collection 2015 is available to pre-order on Moda Operandi from 4 to 20 October

The Light Of Now


new & now




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