Girl Of Now Shine
Eau De Parfum

GIRL OF NOW SHINE, the new perfume capturing the radiant spirit of the "Now generation".
More flamboyant than ever, this new olfactive variation emphasises its luminous magnetism, enhances its dazzling femininity and reveals the full magnitude of its aura… She was born to shine…

GIRL OF NOW SHINE, the new luminous variation of the Girl of Now fragrance.
A floral addiction, enhancing the ELIE SAAB's signature of Orange blossom & Patchouli, with the star ingredient, Almond.
At its start, the Pineapple instantly highlights the toasted Pistachio. Then, voluptuous white flowers – Ylang Ylang and Jasmine – illuminates the Ormond flower’s delicious orangey almond. Enveloped in a powdery Vanilla and Iris, the base notes of Patchouli become more vibrant.

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Girl Of Now
Eau De Parfum